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(1) Live Bootleg


01. Straight Ahead
02. Spanish Castle Magic
03. Sunshine Of Your Love
04. Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)
05. Message Of Love
06. Machine Gun
07. Purple Haze
08. Red House
09. Foxy Lady
10. Ezy Rider
11. Hey Joe
12. Power Of Soul
Power Of Soul-Lover Man
Power Of Soul-Lover Man


Original folder name: Berlin Germany 09-04-70 (12 Tracks@LAME 256k, NMR)
Jimi Hendrix 9-4-70 Berlin. Intresting Show with a very quiet Hendrix (in terms of talking between songs).
Great playing. real Good sound.

01. Straight Ahead
02. Spanish Castle Magic
03. Sunshine Of Your Love
04. Hey baby
05. Message Of Love
06. Machine Gun
07. Purple haze
08. Red House
09. Foxy Lady
10. Ezy Rider
11. Hey Joe
12. Power Of Soul/Lover Man

Who Cares
4 September 1970
Recorded live at "Superconcert '70", Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany. This is a mono audience recording of a bit better than average sound quality. The live mix is OK with guitars, vocals, drums, and bass being audible and reasonably balanced. That's after Isle of Wight so of course it's interesting. Includes rare "Straight Ahead"
Back to Berlin! (Midnight Beat MBCD 049 / 1996 / 1CD) ftbfs: B542
(Super Concert '70, Deutschlandhalle, Berlin 04.09.70 [1st Source])
[note: This Set omittes "Power Of Soul" (46) --> "Lover Man" (41i) available on other bootlegs such as "Live in Berlin 1970" (ftbfs: B573)]
Live in Berlin 1970 (Major Tom MT 034 / 1996 / 1CD) [Digital Clone] ftbfs: B573
(Super Concert '70, Deutschlandhalle, Berlin 04.09.70 [Almost Complete Show * [1st Source] plus Backstage Interview by Chris Bromberg for American Forces TV])
[* Last part of "Lover Man" (41) is missing on the 1st Source]
09-04-70: Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, West Germany (Interviewed by Chris Romberg for Armed Forces Radio) Straight Ahead, Spanish Castle Magic, Sunshine of Your Love, Hey Baby, Message to Love, Machine Gun, Purple Haze, Red House, Foxy Lady, Ezy Rider, Hey Joe, Power of Soul, Lover Man
Back To Berlin - Deutschland Halle, Berlin, 04sept70
[Midnight Beat, MBCD 049] (Luxembourg) (56:41, 11 tracks)

1.Straight Ahead 5:44
2.Spanish Castle Magic 4:42
3.Sunshine Of Your Love 3:58
4.Hey baby 4:24
/Land Of The New Rising Sun
5.Message To Love 4:13
6.Machine Gun 9:37
/The Breeze And I
7.Purple Haze 3:28
8.Red House 7:36
9.Foxy Lady 3:26
10.Ezy Rider 4:32
11.Hey Joe 4:58
BACK TO BERLIN! (Midnight Beat MB-CD-049 (live, Berlin, 9/4/70)
04 Sep "Superconcert '70",Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, W. Germany

1. Straight Ahead
2. Spanish Castle Magic
3. Sunshine of Your Love
4. Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) (inc s)
5. Message to Love
6. Machine Gun
7. Purple Haze
8. Red House
9. Foxy Lady
10. Ezy Rider
11. Hey Joe
12. Power of Soul / Lover Man (inc e)

1-12 (AU, 61:12, 6.5/10 [G+/VG]) (T, 1st gen)
1-3,5-6(AU, 22:53, 5/10 [G]) (T, low gen) (2nd source) (6 inc e)
12 (AU, 3:44, 5/10 [G]) (T) (3rd source)
1-3,5-6(AU, 27:36, 7/10 [VG]) (T, stereo mix from 2 audience sources)
BACK TO BERLIN (Midnight Beat)
Straight Ahead/Spanish Castle Magic/Sunshine Of Your Love/Hey Baby (The Land Of The New Rising Sun)/Message To Love/Machine Gun, The Breeze And I/Purple Haze/Red House/Foxy Lady/Ezy Ryder/Hey Joe
Recorded live at the Deutschland Halle; Berlin, Germany 9/4/70.Incomplete show. Audience. CD.
Jimi Hendrix