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Cherokee Mist
Ref.: Triangle/CD (Ita) PYCD-070
Date: 1991
1991 - Cherokee Mist
(1) Bootleg
[77] mp3


01. Country Blues
(With Harmonica)
(With Harmonica)
02. Calling All Devil's Children
03. Valleys of Neptune
(Complete Version)
(Complete Version)
04. Cherokee Mist
05. Ships passing in the night
06. Easy Blues
(Complete Version)
(Complete Version)
07. Little Drummer Boy
(Little Drummer Boy/Silent Night)
(Little Drummer Boy/Silent Night)
08. God Save The Queen
(fake) [Denny Boy Traditional]
(fake) [Denny Boy Traditional]
09. Drone Blues
(Complete Version)
(Complete Version)
10. (jam)
[ Untitled Guitar Improvisation (Guitarbass)]
[ Untitled Guitar Improvisation (Guitarbass)]
11. Stepping Stone
(Demo Version)
(Demo Version)
12. Send My Love To You
(Very Rare Demo Version)
(Very Rare Demo Version)



Recorded: 5/68 - 1970 B363 630 Released: late 1991

Country Blues (1) / 8:46
Astro Man (5) [instrumental] 2:00
Calling All Devil's Children (2) 7:30
Valleys of Neptune (17) 5:36
Cherokee Mist (1) 6:58
Ships Passing through the Night 2:34
Easy Blues (3) 7:44
Little Drummer Boy (2) 2:27
God Save the Queen 5:01
Drone Blues (1) 8:36
Guitar/Bass Improvisation 2:11
Stepping Stone (6) 4:14
Can I Whisper in Your Ear (4) 2:05

Released by: Triangle/CD (Ita) PYCD-070

Studio and live recordings:

1: [S896] Record Plant, 1/23/70, with Billy Cox (b), Buddy Miles (d), and Don (harmonica)
2: [S896] Record Plant, 1/23/70, with Billy Cox (b) and Buddy Miles (d)
3: [S815] TTG Studios, 10/21/68, with Noel Redding (g, b) and Mitch Mitchell (d); with vocals
4: [S897] Hit Factory, 8/69 or 9/69, with unknown (b), Mitch Mitchell (d), Juma Sultan and/or Jerry Velez (congas, pe); Hit Factory or Record Plant, 1969 or 1970 (b and pe overdubs); complete, no (b)
5: [S710] Record Plant, 5/2/68, with Jimi? (sitar) and Mitch Mitchell (d)
6: [S898] Record Plant, 5/14?/69, with unknown (b), Dalles Taylor? (d), unknown (tr), and Stephen Stills? (pi)
7: [S848] Hit Factory, Fall 1969, with Billy Cox (b), Mitch Mitchell (d), Larry Lee (rhythm g), and unknown (ta); uncut version of official track
8: [S756] Record Plant, 12/69, with Billy Cox (b) and Buddy Miles (d); official version, but with vocals dubbed in 1974 and artificial repetition
9: fake by David Henderson
10: [S781] Record Plant, 4/24/69, with Billy Cox (b), Rocky Isaak (d), Al Marks (pe), and Chris Grimes (ta); uncut version of official track
11: [S766] Electric Lady, 1970, with Billy Cox (b)
12: [S899] Record Plant, 11/14/69, with Billy Cox (b) and Buddy Miles (d); official version, but with different (g) tracks
13: [S263] Hit Factory?, 9?/69, with Billy Cox (b)
Jimi Hendrix