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Early Daze
Ref.: Hallmark 304182
Date: 1994
(1) Compilation


01. Go Go Shoes
02. Go Go Place
03. Soul Food
04. Under the Table
05. Under the Table
06. Goodbye, Bessie Mae
07. Two And One Goes
08. Wipe The Sweat
09. Wipe The Sweat
10. Wipe The Sweat

Lonnie Youngblood
Lonnie Youngblood (born Lonnie Thomas, 3 August 1941) has been unfairly maligned by those who assume he is responsible for the release of the albums which allegedly feature Jimi, but don't. In fact, he's as much a victim of these fraudulent claims as Jimi is. Here's the story.

Lonnie and Jimi recorded 13 tracks on 8-track at Abtone Studios in New York in 1963. The tracks are:

Go Go Shoes
Go Go Place (a sort of "Go Go Shoes" Part 2)
Goodbye Bessie Mae
Soul Food (That's What I Like)
Sweet Thang
Under the Table (3 takes)
Wipe the Sweat (3 takes)
And that's it. No other songs have Lonnie and Jimi together.
Lonnie took these recordings and mixed them down and mastered them. They were taken away from the studio, where Lonnie had left them, and sold for $100,000. Lonnie got none of that money, and when initially released by the purchaser, Lonnie's name was not even mentioned.

Audiofidelity was sued by PPX for issuing fraudelent albums, pretending Jimi was on them when he wasn't, and PPX won the suit.

And that's all there is to say, really. When purchasing albums with Lonnie's and Jimi's names on, look for those 13 tracks listed above.

Below are some links to information about some of these albums.

For more information on this, look in Tony Brown's Discographical Appendix in Jimi Hendrix: Electric Gypsy and in UniVibes Issue 24, which contains an interview with Lonnie.

Early Daze
Voices (same as Cherokee)

Early Daze
Hallmark 304182
Released: 1994
Running Time: 29:53 (27:39 of Jimi)
As far as Lonnie Youngblood material goes this isn't too bad, because nine of the ten tracks actually have Jimi on. The fake track on here is "Two In One Goes" and it really does stand out like a sore thumb from the others, partly because it's in highly separated stereo, and also because there's very little guitar on it!

Early Daze is actually a repackage of The Early Years. A review of this in Experience Hendrix Issue 4, doesn't mention that "Two In One Goes" is a fake.

In the table below, a crimson background indicates a track with no Jimi involvement.

1 Go Go Shoes 2:51
2 Go Go Place 2:03
3 Soul Food (That's What I Like) 3:30
4 Under the Table 1 4:29
5 Under the Table 2 2:52
6 Goodbye Bessie Mae 2:26
7 Two In One Goes 2:14
8 Wipe the Sweat 1 2:49
9 Wipe the Sweat 2 3:31
10 Wipe the Sweat 3 2:47

Please note that the red colouring on Jimi's face is actually on the CD cover!
Early Daze [IMPORT]
Jimi Hendrix / Audio CD / Released 1996
Hallmark Label/Import Only
Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Album: Early Daze
Released: 1994
Album Type: Compilation
Audio CD
Number of Discs:1
Label: Hallmark Music
ASIN: B0000070VA
Catalogue Number: 304182
Jimi Hendrix