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Early Jimi Hendrix
(1) Live Bootleg
[67] wma


01. Drivin' South
02. I'm A Man
03. Killing Floor
(On the killing floor)
(On the killing floor)
04. Travelin' To California
(California night)
(California night)
05. Ain't That Peculiar
06. What'd I Say
07. Bright Lights, Big City


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Jimi Hendrix - Early Jimi Hendrix (Live New jersey 1965)
I have copied this one from an old LP i bought 20 yeras is a live recording of Jimi playing with Curtis Knight at George's Club 20 in Hackensack, New Jersey in 1965. These recordings have been edited since on PPX sessions. It sounds old obviously but so good. And it's a real happiness to hear Jimi at his beginnings playing these blues . Enjoy it!

1 Driving south
2 I'm a man
3 On the killing floor
4 California night
5 Ain't that peculiar
6 What'd i say
7 Bright lights, big city
Jimi Hendrix