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Freak Out Blues
Ref.: GH001
Date: 1994


01. Midnight Lighting
02. Voodoo Child
03. Rainy Day, Dream Away
Rainy Day Tryout
Rainy Day Tryout
04. Red House
05. Bleeding Heart
06. Blue Window
Blue Window Jam
Blue Window Jam
07. Villanova Junction
Villanova Junction Blues
Villanova Junction Blues
08. Funky Blues Jam
09. Once I Had A Woman
10. Blue Suede Shoes
Police Blues
Police Blues
11. Country Blues
12. Freedom
Freedom Jam
Freedom Jam
13. Acoustic Medley
Acoustic Medley
Acoustic Medley


Source: eMule
Original archive name: Jimi.Hendrix.(1994).Freak.Out.Blues.(Unofficial).[EAC.MPC.Q7].rar
Original folder name: Jimi Hendrix (1994) Freak Out Blues
Freak Out Blues

A great CD, and when it was first released, a lot of the
tracks were new to CD (Once I Had A Woman, Electric Church Red House,
Voodoo Chile outtake). A favorite song on this CD is of course Police
Blues: in actuality, it's Blue Suede Shoes, followed by a long jam (Jimi
does a hilarious Elvis impersonation at the beginning) with lots of crazed
guitar solos as only Jimi could do.

Another standout track is the guitars only version of Bleeding
Heart (no drums or bass) that was featured on War Heroes -- it's absolutely

There are many great studio outtakes & jams on this disc, including the
Rainy Day Tryout, Blue Window Jam (with the Buddy Miles Express), a short
version of Country Blues, a studio version of Villanova Junction and
Freedom Jam. All great stuff with decent sound quality.


Freak Out Blues features jams mostly with the Band Of Gypsys lineup, though there are a couple of Electric Ladyland demos, and solo stuff as well. Starting with an small sound byte by Jimi, explaining what his new album (Axis:Bold As Love) is all about, it then goes into a solo version of Midnight Lightning that is similiar to the one on South Saturn Delta. Voodoo Chile, an outtake from Electric Ladyland, is the version found on the Blues CD; Rainy Day Try Out is an early version of another Electric Ladyland tune; Red House, another track from the Blues and the Variations On A Theme CDs, is here in its complete form; Bleeding Heart is Jimi solo, no vocals, on what sounds like some of the backing guitar that would end up on the War Heroes track of the same name. After that, the CD goes into a number of jams featuring the Band Of Gypsys lineup, including the full (minus Jimi explaining to Buddy how he wants the song to start) Blue Suede Shoes jam (originally found on Loose Ends, including the spoken comments by Jimi), and here called Police Blues.

Sound is pretty good, just a little hissy though, with one or two tracks a bit muffled in spots. And Midnight Lightning comes from a scratchy LP. But despite that, there is lots of good stuff, including the 3 unedited tracks from Blues, and these make for a pretty decent release.

Intro by Jimi 0:03
Midnight Lightning 4:02
Voodoo Chile 8:57
Rainy Day Try Out 1:38
Red House 6:55
Bleeding Heart 3:39
Blue Window Jam 8:23
Villanova Junction Blues 3:55
Funky Blues Jam 1:46
Once I Had A Woman 5:17
Police Blues 11:13
Country Blues 6:40
Freedom Jam 8:27
Acoustic Medley 3:23
Catalog #: GH001
Jimi Hendrix