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(5) Compilation


1.01. Paying The Bills
1.02. Jimi, Jimi, Jimi
1.03. Are You Experienced
1.04. Remembering (Part 1)
1.05. Al Hendrix
1.06. Remembering (Part 2)
1.07. My Diary
1.08. On His Way
1.09. Hey Joe (Radio Documentary)
1.10. Cosmic Boundaries
1.11. The In Sound
1.12. Third Stone from the Sun
1.13. Going Home
1.14. Killing Floor (Radio Documentary)
1.15. Post Monterey
1.16. I Don't Live Today
1.17. David Henderson
1.18. Noel Redding
1.19. Stone Free (Radio Documentary)
1.20. Old Debts
2.01. Radio One
2.02. Overnight Sensation
2.03. Velvert Turner
2.04. The Wind Cries Mary
2.05. Dreaming In Color
2.06. One Rainy Wish
2.07. Bold As Love (Radio Documentary)
2.08. Little Wing (Radio Documentary)
2.09. Cherokee Mist (Radio Documentary)
2.10. What's It Called
2.11. Have you ever been (to Electric Ladyland)
2.12. Dem Changes
2.13. Bob
2.14. All Along The Watchtower
2.15. The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp (Radio Documentary)
2.16. Perfection-1983
2.17. Sound Of The Heavens
2.18. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
2.19. Seeking More
2.20. House Burning Down (Radio Documentary)
2.21. The Machine That They Built
3.01. Paying The Bills (Slight Return)
3.02. The Blues
3.03. Hear My Train A Comin' (Radio Documentary)
3.04. Red House (Radio Documentary)
3.05. The Audience
3.06. Slick Dick
3.07. Guest Experiences
3.08. Growth & Unrest
3.09. Easy Blues
3.10. A Light Sermon
3.11. Lover Man
3.12. Woodstock (radio documentary)
3.13. Star Spangled Banner
3.14. Strange Days
3.15. Machine Gun
3.16. Blue Suede Shoes (Radio Documentary)
4.01. Paying The Bills (Slight, Slight Return)
4.02. Preparing For The Future
4.03. Pali Gap
4.04. Mixdown Master
4.05. Dolly Dagger (Radio Documentary)
4.06. Freedom
4.07. Astro Man (Radio Documentary)
4.08. Alan Douglas
4.09. Drivin' South Jam (Radio Documentary)
4.10. Jammin' (Radio Documentary)
4.11. Doriella Du Fontaine (Radio Documentary)
4.12. Tours & Plans
4.13. Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)
4.14. The Final Days
4.15. Vultures
4.16. Country Blues (Radio Documentary)
4.17. Not Just A Voodoo Chile
4.18. Sleep
5.01. Country Blues
5.02. Cherokee Mist
5.03. Cherokee Mist
Cherokee Mist-In From The Storm
Cherokee Mist-In From The Storm
5.04. Lord I Sing The Blues For Me And You
5.05. Drivin' South
Drivin' South Jam
Drivin' South Jam
5.06. Country Blues
Country Blues-Astro Man
Country Blues-Astro Man
5.07. Winter Blues
5.08. Dance
5.09. Valleys of Neptune
5.10. Freedom


Original folder names: hendrix for everyone - M&I - disc X
From Tue Jun 24 04:06:09 2003

Hendrix For Everyone, 4 Part PBS Documentary By Bari Scott

This is a 5 disc set, comprised of the 4 hour music & interview
radio show that KPFA did on Jimi some years ago, as well as a
music-only disc. devotees will burn this excellent set to disc
and play during long commutes.

encoded fraunhofer IIS @192



Disc 1
Paying The Bills
Jimi, Jimi, Jimi
Are You Experienced
Remembering (Part 1)
Al Hendrix
Remembering (Part 2)
My Diary
On His Way
Hey Joe
Cosmic Boundaries
The In Sound
Third Stone From The Sun
Going Home
Killing Floor
Post Monterey
I Don't Live Today
David Henderson
Noel Redding
Stone Free
Old Debts

Disc 2
Radio One
Overnight Sensation
Velvert Turner
The Wind Cries Mary
Dreaming In Color
One Rainy Wish
Bold As Love
Little Wing
Cherokee Mist
What's It Called?
Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)
Dem Changes
All Along The Watchtower
The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp
Perfection/1983...(A Merman I Should Turn To Be)
Sound Of The Heavens
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
Seeking More
House Burning Down
The Machine That They Built

Disc 3
Paying The Bills (Slight Return)
The Blues
Hear My Train A Comin'
Red House
The Audience
Slick Dick
Guest Experiences
Growth & Unrest
Easy Blues
A Light Sermon
Lover Man
The Star Spangled Banner
Strange Days
Machine Gun
Blue Suede Shoes

Disc 4
Paying The Bills (Slight, Slight Return)
Preparing For The Future
Pali Gap
Mixdown Master
Dolly Dagger
Astro Man
Alan Douglas
Drivin' South Jam
Doriella Du Fontaine
Tours & Plans
Hey Baby (The Land Of The New Rising Sun)
The Final Days
Country Blues
Not Just A Voodoo Chile

Disc 5
Country Blues
Cherokee Mist
Cherokee Mist/In From The Storm
Lord I Sing The Blues
Drivin' South Jam
Country Blues/Astro Man
Winter Blues
Valleys Of Neptune


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Jimi Hendrix