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Ref.: Tarantura TCDJH-3
Live Bootleg
[80] mp3


01. (announcement)
(Introduction by Rosalie Peters)
(Introduction by Rosalie Peters)
02. Catfish Blues
03. Catfish Blues
(Drum Solo)
(Drum Solo)
04. Catfish Blues
05. (announcement)
(Introduction by Rosalie Peters)
(Introduction by Rosalie Peters)
06. Foxy Lady
07. (introduction)
08. Purple Haze
(False Start)
(False Start)
09. (tune up)
(Guitar Tuning)
(Guitar Tuning)
10. (chat)
(Studio Clue chats)
(Studio Clue chats)
11. Purple Haze
(Take 1)
(Take 1)
12. Purple Haze
(Take 2)
(Take 2)
13. (chat)
(Studio Clue chats)
(Studio Clue chats)
14. Purple Haze
(Take 3)
(Take 3)


JIMI HENDRIX?Hoepla [Tarantura TCDJH-3, 1CD]?Live at the Vitus Studio, Bussum, The Netherlands; November 10, 1967.
Very good soundboard.

There are various versions of this show, including one from Watchtower and another from Rattlesnake. Here is one more.
Thanks to Backyard Tyrone for sharing the tracks at The Traders’ Den.

November 10, 1967: At 10 o’clock in the morning, Jimi, Mitch, Noel plus road manager Gerry Stickells departed by plane from London to Amsterdam. This was the second visit of the Jimi Hendrix Experience to Holland. Earlier in March 1967, the Experience did two numbers [mimed] for the TV program ‘Fanclub’ in Amsterdam. This time around the JHE were in Holland for a live TV show and a concert.

Immediately after arriving at “Schiphol Airport” near Amsterdam, the trio drove to the “Vitus Studio” for the recordings of the TV program ‘Hoepla.’ Peter Nieuwerf worked for Polydor and met the JHE at the airport. “The only thing I remember is that Jimi wasn’t very warmly dressed. And they didn’t have any instruments with them, maybe someone else took care of that. I picked them up and brought them to the studio. Thereafter, I didn’t see them again. Jimi didn’t say much. You could not really get close. But he was an extraordinarily kind and gentle being. Absolutely!”

In alternative circles the “Vitus Studio” [originally a church] was also known as “Studio Virus” or “Studio Citrus.” The JHE recorded “Foxy Lady” [L517], “Catfish Blues” [L516], a false-start of “Purple Haze” [Jimi: “One more time, I have to do it again, my guitar got out of tune. You don’t mind!”] plus two complete takes of “Purple Haze” [Jimi before the first complete take, “Okay here we go one more time…again, haha”]…

Presenter Rosalie Peters recalls, “It all went very cool… everything went ‘á l’improviste.’ That was also the intended atmosphere, to foster a certain absurdity.” One of the ‘Hoepla’ producers, Wim van der Linden, was also present at the recordings. “He gave a live performance, incredibly loud, but we told him to. We already had trouble with the technicians [during previous ‘Hoepla’ recordings] and this gave them even more reason to put us down. That nutty Gied Jaspers did the program direction for the first time. He was so nervous, for five minutes you saw a long-shot, seeing someone move at great distance. That then was Jimi. I even had a terrible fight with Gied in the control room. I said, “Goddamn it, if you don’t take a close-up right away, I’ll kick your ass.”

01. Introduction by Rosalie Peters?02. Catfish Blues?03. Drum Solo?04. Catfish Blues?05. Introduction by Roselie Peters?06. Foxy Lady?07. Improvisation?08. Purple Haze (False Start)?09. Guitar Tuning?10. Studio Clue chats?11. Purple Haze (Take 1)?12. Purple Haze (Take 2)?13. Studio Clue chats?14. Purple Haze (Take 3)?
Lineup:?Jimi Hendrix - lead vocals, guitar (died 1970)?Mitch Mitchell - drums (died 2008)?Noel Redding - bass guitar, backing vocals (died 2003)

Jimi Hendrix: Hoepla

mp3 224 kbps

Hoepla [Tarantura TCDJH-3]
Live at the Vitus Studio, Bussum, The Netherlands
November 10, 1967.
Very Good Soundboard

01. Introduction by Rosalie Peters
02. Catfish Blues
03. Drum Solo
04. Catfish Blues
05. Introduction by Roselie Peters
06. Foxy Lady
07. Improvisation
08. Purple Haze (False Start)
09. Guitar Tuning
10. Studio Clue chats
11. Purple Haze (Take 1)
12. Purple Haze (Take 2)
13. Studio Clue chats
14. Purple Haze (Take 3)

Jimi Hendrix - lead vocals, guitar (died 1970)
Mitch Mitchell - drums (died 2008)
Noel Redding - bass guitar, backing vocals (died 2003)
Jimi Hendrix