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Jimi Hendrix Guitar Hero
AKA Sunshine Of Your Love AKA Guitar Hero
(1) Bootleg


01. Red House
02. Woke Up InThe Morning
03. Bleeding Heart
(Peoples Peoples A.K.A. Bleeding Heart) Live
(Live) (Peoples Peoples A.K.A. Bleeding Heart)
04. Morrison's Lament
05. Tomorrow never knows
06. Uranus Rock
07. Outside woman blues
08. Sunshine Of Your Love
09. Goodbye, Bessie Mae
10. Soul Food


Original folder name: Jimi Hendrix - Guitar Hero
From Thu Jul 31 22:59:10 2003
10 Tracks@LAME 256k CBR-Hq

Picked this disc up in Paris while I was there for a month or so.
I got another for much more, but this (the better one) was just 7.5
euros. I'm sorry to have missed a lot of Jimi albums while I was
away, and I'm very glad to see that there are still some being
posted. Hopefully, these albums I bought will be at least somewhat
new to a few people. :) While trying to find out when these were
recorded, I came accross the album, NYC '68. It has the same
songs as Guitar Hero, except Guitar Hero has two more tacked
on to the end. I'm pretty jealous of the French, because it seems
that they've got such a huge selection of his albums in stores,
while we (at least in my town), are pretty much stuck with what
Experience Hendrix releases, and not even all of that. Of course,
greets go out to Max the Cat and everyone else posting Hendrix
stuff. Feel free to ask for any segment reposts that you need to.
And to whomever it was that posted M&I, that was a great listen.

Jimi Hendrix Guitar Hero


Je savais que les petites maisons de disques étaient peu scrupuleuses mais je ne pensais pas que WEA allait les suivre !
Ils ont donc sortis cette énième réédition du live au Scene Club, sous un prix modique soit, mais sans vraiment nettoyer le son !
Les titres sont dans le même ordre .... on a tout de même le droit a deux bonus :/ ...mais qui n'ont rien à voir avec l'enregistrement live !
Petits détails qui tuent : sur le disque Jimi devient Jimmy .... et Sunshine of Your Love devient Sunshine of Your ....bref

Les Titres :
Red House
Wake Up This Morning And You Find Yourself Dead
Bleeding Heart
Morrison's Lament
Tomorrow Never Knows
Uranus Rock
Outside Woman Blues
Sunshine Of Your
Goodbye Bessie Mae
Soul Food
Jimi Hendrix