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Jimi Hendrix and Traffic - A Session
Ref.: OH BOY 1-9027
Musicians: Jimi Hendrix, guitar Chris Wood, flute, saxophone Jim Capaldi, drums Steve Winwood, organ


1. Jam Thing
2. Guitar Thing
3. Session Thing


Format SHN
Band Name jimi
Date 12121969
Venue studio
City, State unknown
Setlist A Session with Traffic
Source studio tape
Posted By tillywil
Date Posted 04282002

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JH and Traffic CD
Jimi Hendrix and Traffic - A Session - SKT
01 - Jam Thing.shn
02 - Guitar Thing.shn
03 - Session Thing.shn


Jimi Hendrix & Traffic - A Session

1. Jam Thing 18:38
2. Guitar Thing 5:15
3. Session Thing 35:27

This is the often talked about session that Jimi recorded with the members of Traffic (Steve Winwood's band at the time). This is an excellent quality recording from OH BOY...JOIN THE DE LUXE WAY. As the CD arts tells you "This session was recorded at an unknown place in the late 60's."

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Jam Thing/Guitar Thing (Lonely Avenue Part 1)/Session Thing
Track 1: Jimi, Dave Palmer and Chris Wood and possibly Jack Casady (Electric Lady; New York City, NY 6/15/70). Track 2: Solo; (Record Plant; New York City, NY 11/14/69). Track 3: Jimi & Traffic; (Electric Lady; New York City, NY 6/70). Out of three different sources, I found varied information about this release. Track 2 may have included Buddy Miles. Jack Casady may have played bass on both Tracks 1 & 3. CD.

LDS 033: Jimi Hendrix and Traffic Studio Session (1968 and 1970)
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Photo from the Eddie Kramer Archives
Love Devotion Surrender Volume 33

Jimi Hendrix and Traffic Studio Session
1968 and 1970

This is one reflection of the changes Jimi Hendrix was going through in his search for new sounds, ideas and approaches to the way he made music. Many people ask where would Hendrix have gone if he had lived, this is in my opinion a perfect beginning or embryonic stage of what I feel was to further blossom into something much bigger if he had lived. Hendrix’s masterful chord phrasing had become much more extensive in the last year he was recording and is in full stride on these recordings. Jimi’s ability to stay in the pocket and let it al build out into full on solos had become more of the standard to the material he left behind before departing from this world. Enjoy this special window into something very unique from Jimi Hendrix, a window few recordings shed light on. Along with Hendrix is his close friends and members of the legendary group Traffic. Full details of this download in our Love Devotion Surrender series is below. ~ Erik Otis


Original notes from the dimeadozen upload:

Jimi Hendrix & Traffic – A Session (Bootleg) (Oh-Boy 1-9027)

01. Jam Thing (19.39) (1970)
02. Guitar Thing (5:15) (1970)
03. Session Thing (35.27) (1968)

Jimi Hendrix – guitar
Chris Wood – flute, saxophone
Jim Capaldi – drums
Steve Winwood – organ

Oh Boy ! – 1-9027, Luxembourg, 1990
Artwork included


Jimi Hendrix & Traffic: A Session (Oh Boy! 1-9027 / 1990 / 1CD) ftbfs: B349
(Jam with Traffic, Electric Lady Studio, New York City, NY 15.06.70 plus TTG Studios, Hollywood, CA 29.10.68 / Buddy Miles Jam, New York City, NY 14.11.69)
Tracklist: “Jam Thing” / JS21 (listed as “Guitar Thing”) / “Session Thing”

- “Session Thing” was initially believed to be part of the Jam with Traffic at Electric Lady Studios 15.06.70, but has later been determined to come from TTG Studios 29.10.68. It has now also been suggested that the flute may have been played by Lowell George, not Jim Horn, and the keyboards by Graham Bond, not Lee Michaels.
- This album has later been reissued as “Lover Man” (Oil Well 123 CD)
Jimi Hendrix