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Musicians: Band Of Gypsys
Live Bootleg Compilation


01. Who Knows
02. Machine Gun
03. Them Changes
04. Power Of Soul
05. Stepping Stone
06. Foxy Lady
07. Stop
08. Earth Blues
09. Burning Desire
10. Stone Free
Stone Free-Little Drummer Boy
Stone Free-Little Drummer Boy
11. Them Changes
12. Power Of Soul
13. Message Of Love
14. Earth Blues
15. Machine Gun
16. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)


Format MP3
Band Name jimi
Date 01011970
Venue Fillmore East
City, State New York City, NY
Set 1: Who Knows, Machine Gun, Them Changes, Power Of Soul, Stepping Stone, Foxy Lady, Stop, Earth Blues
Posted By jmsmylie
Comments Early Show. Band Of Gypsys.

jh-1970-01-01d1t01-Who Knows.mp3
jh-1970-01-01d1t02-Machine Girl.mp3
jh-1970-01-01d1t03-Them Changes.mp3
jh-1970-01-01d1t04-Power of Soul.mp3
jh-1970-01-01d1t05-Stepping Stone.mp3
jh-1970-01-01d1t06-Foxy Lady.mp3
jh-1970-01-01d1t08-Earth Blues.mp3
jh-1970-01-01d1t09-Burning Desire.mp3
jh-1970-01-01d2t01-Stone Free-Little Drummer Boy.mp3
jh-1970-01-01d2t02-Them Changes.mp3
jh-1970-01-01d2t03-Power of Soul.mp3
jh-1970-01-01d2t04-Message to Love.mp3
jh-1970-01-01d2t05-Earth Blues.mp3
jh-1970-01-01d2t06-Machine Gun.mp3
jh-1970-01-01d3t01-Voodoo Child (Slight Return).mp3


Band of Gypsys
January 1st, 1970
Fillmore East, New York City
SBD & AUD compilation

Jimi Hendrix: Guitar & vocals
Billy Cox: Bass
Buddy Miles: Drums & Vocals

Disc One - Early Show:
1. Who Knows
2. Machine Gun
3. Them Changes
4. Power of Soul
5. Stepping Stone
6. Foxy Lady
7. Stop
8. Earth Blues//
9. Burning Desire

Disc Two - Late Show:
1. Stone Free >
Little Drummer Boy
2. Them Changes
3. Power of Soul
4. Message to Love
5. Earth Blues
6. Machine Gun

Disc Three - Late Show cont.:
1. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) >
2. We Gotta Live Together
3. Wild Thing
4. Hey Joe
5. Purple Haze

Filler: January 28th, 1970
Madison Square Garden
6. Intro
7. Who Knows
8. Earth Blues
Jimi Hendrix