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Musicians: The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Live Bootleg


1. Tax Free
2. Killing Floor
3. Fire
4. Red House
5. Foxy Lady
6. Hey Joe
7. Spanish Castle Magic
8. Purple Haze
9. Wild Thing
Wild Thing/Intro
Wild Thing/Intro


Format MP3
Band Name jimi
Date 03191968
Venue Capitol Theater
City, State Ottawa, Ontario
Set 1: Killing Floor, Tax Free, Fire, Red House, Foxy Lady, Hey Joe, Spanish Castle Magic, Purple Haze
Posted By myoho
Comments Late show. The Experience: Jimi Hendrix, Mitch Mitchell, and Noel Redding. Some boots claim 3/18/68.
Date Posted 03142002

01-tax free.mp3
02-killin' floor.mp3
04-red house.mp3
05-foxy lady.mp3
06-hey joe.mp3
07-spanish castle magic.mp3
08-purple haze.mp3
09 - WildThingIntro.mp3

From PYE:

Tuesday, March 19, 1968
"Superconcert", Capitol Theatre, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
2nd show
1 Killing Floor
2 Tax Free
3 Fire
4 Red House
5 Foxy Lady
6 Hey Joe
7 Spanish Castle Magic
8 Purple Haze
9 Wild Thing#
¡ soundboard recording; 60 minutes, excellent quality (1-9)

1-8 are from the bootleg "Gone But Not Forgotten" - they're not my rip, I found 'em on alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.bootlegs, and they're VBR - I don't know how to encode VBR but I think it's superior to plain old regular MP3s. The last track is taken from Superconcert 1968 at 128/44.


SUPERCONCERT 1968 (Fire Power)
Killin' Floor/Tax Free/Red House/Foxy Lady/Hey Joe/Spanish Castle Magic/Purple Haze/Wild Thing (intro)
Recorded live at the Capitol Theatre; Ottowa, Canada 3/19/68, second show. Incomplete show. Soundboard CD.
- Canadian Club (WPOCM 0888 B 006-1 / 1988 / 1LP) ftbfs: B055
(Superconcert, Capitol Theatre, Ottawa 19.03.68 [2nd show] plus BBC Sessions, London 1967)
- Live from Ottawa (Starlight SL 87 010 / 1988 / 1LP) ftbfs: B054
(Superconcert, Capitol Theatre, Ottawa 19.03.68 [2nd Show])
- Purple Songs (Lost Rose LR 16 / 1992 / 1CD) ftbfs: B372
(Superconcert, Capitol Theatre, Ottawa 19.03.68 [2nd show])
- Gone but not forgotten (Teddy Bear TB 21 / 1994 / 1CD) ftbfs: B372
(Superconcert, Capitol Theatre, Ottawa 19.03.68 [2nd Show])
[Re-issue of "Purple Songs" (ftbfs: B372)]
- Storming The Capitol (ATM 059 / 1999 / 1CDR)
(Superconcert, Capitol Theatre, Ottawa 19.03.68 [2nd show]) Sbd; 1st Gen - Pitch-corrected
[note: Includes the incomplete "Wild Thing" omitted from most bootleg-releases of this show]
[note: Pitch-corrected version of recording Sourcewise identical to the Raw Source of Dagger Records' official bootleg "Live in Ottawa", 2001]

Jimi Hendrix