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Paris 68
Musicians: The Jimi Hendrix Experience
(1) Live


1. Killing Floor
2. Catfish Blues
3. Foxy Lady
4. Red House
5. Drivin' South
6. The Wind Cries Mary
7. Fire
8. Little Wing
9. Purple Haze


Jimi Hendrix
"Stages" box set
Disc Two of four

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1) Killin' Floor
2) Catfish Blues
3) Foxy Lady
4) Red House
5) Drivin' South
6) The Wind Cries Mary
7) Fire
8) Little Wing
9) Purple Haze

Recorded January 29, 1968 at the Olympia Theatre in
Paris, France - second show
Format MP3
Band Name jimi
Date 01291968
Venue l'Olympia
City, State Paris, France
Set 1: Killing Floor, Catfish Blues, Foxy Lady, Red House, Driving South, The Wind Cries Mary, Fire, Little Wing, Purple Haze,
Posted By SIRMick
Comments Late show

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02-Catfish Blues.mp3
03-Foxy Lady.mp3
04-Red House.mp3
05-Drivin' South.mp3
06-The Wind Cries Mary.mp3
08-Little Wing.mp3
09-Purple Haze.mp3

BLACK DEVIL (Great Dane Records) Italy
Killin' Floor/Catyfish Blues/Foxy Lady/Red House/Drivin' South/The Wind Cries Mary/Fire/Little Wing/Purple Haze
The Jimi Hendrix Experience recorded live L'Olympia; Paris, France 1/29/68, second show. Mono. Released 1991. CD.
GUITARS AND AMPS (World Productions Of Compact Music) Italy
Killing Floor/Experiencing The Blues/Foxy Lady/Red House/Driving South/ Fire/Little Wing/Purple Haze
The Jimi Hendrix Experience recorded live at L'Olympia Theatre; Paris, France 1/29/68, second show. See 'Driving South With The Jimi Hendrix Experience', 'Live At The Olympia Theatre', 'Live In Paris', 'Recorded Live Paris Olympia January 29, 1968'. Released 1988. Vinyl & CD.
Jimi Hendrix