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01. I'm A Man
02. Like A Rolling Stone
03. Look Over Yonder
04. One Rainy Wish
05. Drivin' South
06. Things That I Used To Do
07. Drifter's Escape
08. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
09. Electric Ladyland
10. 1983 ... (A Merman I should turn to be)
11. Come On (Let The Good Times Roll)
12. Machine Gun
13. Room Full Of Mirrors
14. Angel
15. Valleys of Neptune
16. South Saturn Delta
17. Dolly Dagger


Format SHN
Band Name jimi
Date 00000000
I'm a Man, Like a Rolling Stone, Look Over Yonder, One Rainy Wish, Drivin South, The Things That I Used to Do, Drifters Escape, Voodoo Chile, Electric Ladyland, 1983 a Merman I Should Turn to Be, Come On, Machine Gun, Room Full of Mirrors, Angel, Valley of Neptune, South Saturn Delta, Dolly Dagger
Source FM
Posted By tpg
Comments Rare one of kind radio show of studio outtakes and a few live tracks that a buddy gave me. Fits on one cdr. Give it a spin.
Date Posted 10252002

Hendrix-Rare-01 Im a Man.shn
Hendrix-Rare-02 Like a Rolling Stone.shn
Hendrix-Rare-03 Look Over Yonder.shn
Hendrix-Rare-04 One Rainy Wish.shn
Hendrix-Rare-05 Drivin South.shn
Hendrix-Rare-06 The Things That I Used to Do.shn
Hendrix-Rare-07 Drifters Escape.shn
Hendrix-Rare-08 Voodoo Chile.shn
Hendrix-Rare-09 Electric Ladyland.shn
Hendrix-Rare-10 1983 a Merman I Should Turn To Be.shn
Hendrix-Rare-11 Come On.shn
Hendrix-Rare-12 Machine Gun.shn
Hendrix-Rare-13 Room Full of Mirrors.shn
Hendrix-Rare-14 Angel.shn
Hendrix-Rare-15 Valley of Neptune.shn
Hendrix-Rare-16 South Saturn Delta.shn
Hendrix-Rare-17 Dolly Dagger.shn
Jimi Hendrix