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Raw Blues
Ref.: FTO 006-007
(2) Bootleg Compilation
[75] flac


1.01. Red House
1.02. Born Under Bad Sign
[Born Under A Bad Sign]
[Born Under A Bad Sign]
1.03. Once I Had A Woman
1.04. Easy Blues
1.05. Mannish Boy
1.06. Country Blues
[Villanova Junction/Jam/Country Blues/Jam (Long version)]
[Villanova Junction/Jam/Country Blues/Jam (Long version)]
1.07. Mother
[Georgia Blues]
[Georgia Blues]
2.01. Jam 292
2.02. Voodoo Child
[Voodoo Chile Blues]
[Voodoo Chile Blues]
2.03. Strato Strut
2.04. Country Blues
[Country Blues / Astro Man]
[Country Blues / Astro Man]
2.05. Things That I Used To Do
[Things I Used To Do]
[Things I Used To Do]
2.06. Bleeding Heart
2.07. Hear My Train A Comin'
[Hear My Train A Comin’]
[Hear My Train A Comin’]
2.08. Belly Button Window
2.09. It's Too Bad
[It’s Too Bad]
[It’s Too Bad]
2.10. Villanova Junction
[Villanova Junction/Jam/Country Blues/Jam (Edited version)]
[Villanova Junction/Jam/Country Blues/Jam (Edited version)]


Original folder names:
Jimi Hendrix - Raw Blues_FTO 006-007
Disc 1
Disc 2

Jimi Hendrix
Raw Blues
(Outtakes 1968-70 [Tracks prepared and / or considered for the CD “Blues”)

Disc 1
1. Red House 1:44 / 5:3
2. Born Under A Bad Sign 8:17
3. Once I Had A Woman 8:16
4. Easy Blues 4:35
5. Mannish Boy 5:51
6. Villanova Junction/Jam/Country Blues/Jam (Long version) 27:35
7. Georgia Blues 7:55

Disc 2
1 Jam 292 6:36
2 Voodoo Chile Blues 9:15
3 Strato Strut 1:48
4 Country Blues / Astro Man 8:38
5 Things I Used To Do 5:43
6 Bleeding Heart 3:25
7 Hear My Train A Comin’ 8:09
8 Belly Button Window 2:18
9 It’s Too Bad 5:39
10 Villanova Junction/Jam/Country Blues/Jam (Edited version) 19:47

Disc 1: “Electric Church” -> “Red House” (7); 1:44 -> 5:30 [The
familiar composite with a longer “Electric Church” portion at the
start than on “:Blues”]

“Born Under A Bad Sign” (2); 8:17 [More
complete version than the official 7:36 version which has an edit
at 5:10. This version omits the 0:11 bass solo at start, but restores the
0:38 edit at the 4:59 point, and continues 0:13 longer to the end.]

“Once I Had A Woman” (4); 8:16 [Continues to the end while the
“:Blues” version fades at 7:47. Same as on ATM 214-215 “Old Time”.]

“Easy Blues” (2); 4:35 [Same incomplete edit as used on “Nine to
the Universe”, but continues a few seconds longer at the end.]

“Mannish Boy” (53); 5:51 [Composite. This version is somewhat more complete
than the “:Blues” version, which runs 5:18. This one misses the> 0:05
intro, but restores two edits in official version: 0:09 at 2:50,
and> 0:26 at 5:02.]

“Villanova Junction” (17) Jam; 27:35 [The longest available version of this jam.]

“Georgia Blues” (2); 7:55 [The mix with horn solo and some vocals removed.]

Disc 2:

“Jam 292” (2); 6:36 [A little longer than the official 6:24
version. The first 1,5 sec of the official version is missing, but
this continues til the end.]

“Voodoo Chile Blues” (13); 9:15 [Longer> than the 8:47 “:Blues” composite, this continues until the end
without> > fadeout.]

“Strato Strut” (1); 1:48 [The familiar incomplete version.]

“Country Blues” (2) -> “Astro Man” (5i); 8:38 [A little more complete at the end than the other versions of mix (2), this
goes into the first few seconds of “Astro Man” before ending. Other
mixes have included the complete “Astro Man” (5) but not this mix.]

“Things I Used To Do” (8); 5:43 [Longer than the alternate edited
versions (5) on “Live & Unreleased - The Radio Show” and (7) on
“Lifelines - The Jimi Hendrix Story”, but still incomplete.]

“Bleeding Heart” (1); 3:25 [Same as on “:Blues”, but with a few
short guitar riffs after the song.]

“Hear My Train A Comin’” (52); 8:09
[The familiar “Blues Outtakes” track. Same as on “The Capricorn

“Belly Button Window” (6); 2:18 [Complete alternate take.
Same as on “The Capricorn Tape”.]

“It’s Too Bad” (3); 5:39
[Incomplete wide stereo mix with reverb. Same as on “February 1969 Sessions”.]

“Villanova Junction” (18) Jam; 19:47 [The edited
version of this jam. Same as on “The Capricorn Tape”.]
Jimi Hendrix