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Talent and Feeling Vol.1
Ref.: Extremly Rare EXR 017
Date: 1993
(1) Bootleg


01. Ezy Rider
02. Message Of Love
03. Things That I Used To Do
04. Lover Man
05. Midnight Lighting
(L.A. Without The Words)
(L.A. Without The Words)
06. Night Bird Flying
(Ships Passing In The Night)
(Ships Passing In The Night)
07. Lover Man
08. Peace in Missisippi
09. Lord I Sing The Blues For Me And You
10. Lover Man
11. Jam With Piano And Trumpet (Bolero)
12. Peace in Missisippi
13. Little Drummer Boy


Format SHN
Band Name jimi
Date 00001993
Posted By dcole
Comments 'Talent and Feeling V.1' Very rare collection of outtakes

Talent and Feeling Vol.1.txt
Jimi Hendrix

TALENT & FEELING VOL. 1 (Extremely Rare)
Ezy Rider/Message To Love/Things I Used To Do/Lover Man/
Midnight Lightning/Night Bird Flying/Ships Passing In The Night/Lover
Man/Peace In Mississippi/Lord I Sing The Blues For Me And You/Lover Man
/Jam Session (Jam With Horns And Piano)/Peace In Mississippi/
Little Drummer Boy
A collection of outtakes and demos. Released 1993?. CD. +

Talent & Feeling Vol.1 (Extremly Rare EXR 017 / 1993 / 1CD) ftbfs: B454
(Outtakes 1968-70)
TALENT & FEELING VOL. 1 Extremly EXR 017 CD*
Talent & Feeling Vol.1 is made up of a nice collection of studio outtakes and demos. There's some Band Of Gypsys material, Cry Of Love songs, and jams. A couple would end up in butchered form on Crash Landing. My only complaint about this one is there are 3 different versions of Lover Man. It's a good song, but three versions seems a little on the overkill side. The highlight on this package is the blues jam The Things I Used To Do. Featuring Johnny Winter on slide guitar, Steven Stills on bass, and Dallas Taylor on drum, this is old time blues Muddy Waters style. A whole album of this would be unbelievable. Another highlight is Peace In Mississippi. Some fierce and angry guitar playing here, in the style of Machine Gun, though this time more about racism than war. But no less intense. You And Me Blues has appeared under the Lord I Sing The Blues title before, but here is in a more complete form. Jam With Piano And Trumpet is an interesting track, it reminds me somewhat of Pink Floyd, circa 1970. And Little Drummer Boy has appeared on many CDs, it's the BOG rehearsal version with the added choir.

Quality on this CD is very good, thought it's a little muddy sounding. You'll need to turn up the treble a fair bit on your stereo to make things sound right. But once you do, you'll quite enjoy this CD.

Ezy Rider 8:18
Message To Love 5:22
The Things I Used To Do 7:04
Lover Man 5:51
L.A. Without The Words 4:22
Ships Passing In The Night 3:55
Lover Man 4:37
Peace In Mississippi 7:32
You And Me Blues 8:59
Lover Man 4:30
Jam With Piano And Trumpet (Bolero) 4:57
Peace In Mississippi 6:45
Little Drummer Boy 2:27

Catalog #: GEMA EXR-17
Jimi Hendrix