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Talent and Feeling Vol 2
Ref.: Extremely Rare exr 22
Date: 1993
(1) Bootleg


01. Trying To Be Jam
02. Crash Landing
03. Drifter's Escape
04. Power Of Soul
05. Highway Of Broken Dreams
highway of desire (part 2)
highway of desire (part 2)
06. Captain Coconut
07. Crash Landing
08. Somewhere
09. Lover Man
10. Message Of Love
11. Cherokee Mist
12. Hollywood Jam
unknown jam
unknown jam


Original folder name: Jimi Hendrix - Talent & Feeling Vol 2 (12 Tracks@BLADE 256k, NMR)
jimi hendrix - talent & feeling vol. 2

catalog # extremely rare exr 22

encoded bladeenc@256

"i feel guilty when people say i'm the greatest
guitarist on the scene. if only people would take
more of a true view and think in terms of feeling.
your name doesn't mean a damn, it's your talent and
feeling that've got to know more than
the technicalities of notes, you've got to know
what goes between the notes."
-jimi hendrix-



1 trying to be jam

2 crash landing

3 drifters escape

4 power of soul (no vocal, first part)

5 highway of desire (part 2)

6 captain coconut

7 crash landing (with organ track)

8 somewhere over the rainbow

9 lover man

10 message to love

11 cherokee mist

12 unknown jam

total time: 76:02


tracks 1-5 today tracks 6-12 tomorrow

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TALENT & FEELING VOL. 2 (Extremely Rare)
Trying To Be (Stepping Stone);Earth Blues Jam (Jimi, ?(dr), Billy Cox, Juma Sultan (Hit Factory; New York City, NY) Autumn 1969)/Crash Landing (original; unaltered) (Record Plant; New York City, NY 4-24-69)/Drifter's Escape (Jimi, Mitch Mitchell, Billy Cox (Electric Lady; New York City, NY) 1970)/Power Of Soul (Band Of Gypsys, Juma Sultan (Record Plant; New York City, NY) 11-69)/Highway Of Broken Hearts Medley (Highway Of Desire) (Band Of Gypsys, Don (Record Plant; New York City, NY) 1-23-70)/Captain Coconut (Instrumental Ezy Ryder Jam) (Band Of Gypsys (Record Plant; New York City, NY) 12-18?-69)/Crash Landing (Record Plant; New York City, NY 4-24-69)/Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Somewhere) (Jimi, Buddy Miles, Noel Redding? (Sound Center; New York City, NY) 3-13-68)/Lover Man (part) (Experience (TTG Studios; Hollywood, CA) 10-68)/Message To Love (Band Of Gypsys, Juma Sultan? (Record Plant; New York City, NY) 12-69 or 1-70)/Cherokee Mist (part) (Jimi, Mitch Mitchell (Record Plant; New York City, NY) 5-2-68)/Instrumental Jam (Hollywood Jam) (?)
Released 1993. CD.
Jimi Hendrix