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Unsurpassed Studio Takes
Ref.: Yellow Dog, YD 050
Musicians: All Along The Watchtower: Jimi Hendrix, guitar, vocal; Mitch Mitchell, drums; Dave Mason, bass Cherokke Mist: Jimi Hendrix, guitar; Mitch Mitchell, drums I'm A Man: Band Of Gypsys with Juma Sultan and Jerry Velez, percussion Crosstown Traffic: The Experience with Dave Mason
(1) Bootleg


01. Hey Joe
02. Lover Man
(Here He Comes)
(Here He Comes)
03. All Along The Watchtower
04. Three Little Bears
05. Cherokee Mist
(Indian Song)
(Indian Song)
06. I'm A Man
'I'm A Man (At Least I'm Trying To Be) Take 2'
(Tryin' To Be (In Love))
'I'm A Man (At Least I'm Trying To Be) Take 2'
(Tryin' To Be (In Love))
07. Crosstown Traffic
08. Message Of Love
09. Crash Landing
10. Somewhere
11. Bleeding Heart
(Double Guitars)
(Double Guitars)
12. Astro Man
(Astro Man Jam)
(Astro Man Jam)

Unsurpassed Studio Takes - Studio Tracks
[Yellow Dog, YD 050] (70:27, 12 tracks)

TTG Studios, Los Angeles, oct68 (track 2)
Olympic Studios, London, 21jan68 (track 3)
Record Plant, New York, 02may68 (tracks 4-5)
Hit Factory Studios, New York, 29aug69 (track 6)
Olympic Studios, London, 20dec67 (track 7)
Unknown Studio, dec69 (track 8)
Record Plant, New York, 24apr69 (track 9)
Sound Center Studios, 13mar68 (track 10)
Record Plant, New York, 18dec69/24mar70 (track 11)
Unknown Studio, 24jun70 (track 12)

1.Hey Joe 3:06
2.Lover Man 3:11
3.All Along The Watchtower 3:59
4.Three Little Bears 12:37
5.Indian Song (Cherokee Mist) 7:09
6.Trying To Be (In Love) 7:21
7.Crosstown Traffic 2:28
8.Message To Love 7:43
9.Crash Landing 4:25
10.Somewhere (Over The Rainbow) 3:17
11.Double Guitars 3:23
12.Astro Man Jam 11:26

Unsurpassed Studio Takes
Jimpress Thirty One - September 1994

Hey Joe (3:06)
The early run through which falls apart soon atter it begins, The liner describes it as an "unreleased vocal reference", hardly! Previously only bootlegged on the 8CD '51st Anniversary' so pretty welcome here.

Lover Man (3:11) is about half of the track which saw the light of day as the second take on 'This One's For You'. The Experience at TTG Studios, October 1968.

All Along The Watchtower (3:59)
First appearing on 'The Masters Masters', this is the original version but this time out you can hear Jimi count it in. Jimi Hendrix, guitar, vocal; Mitch Mitchell, drums; Dave Mason, bass. Olympic Studios, 21 January 1968.

Three Little Bears (12:37) is the jewel on this release. Starting with the version that we are all familiar with from 'War Heroes' this recording features a previously unheard seven minute section at the end as Jimi and Mitch jam into a snatch of 'South Saturn Delta. The Experience at the Record Plant, 2 May 1968.

Indian Song is, as correctly noted on the liner, Cherokee Mist (7:09), issued more times than any of us care to remember. Jimi Hendrix, guitar; Mitch Mitchell, drums; Record Plant, 2 May 1968.

Trying To Be (In Love) (7:21) originally appeared on 'First Rays Of The Rising Sun' (Triangle) as 'I'm A Man (At Least I'm Trying To Be) Take 2', Band Of Gypsys with Juma Sultan and Jerry Velez, percussion; Hit Factory Studios, New York, on or around 29 August 1969.

Crosstown Traffic (2:28) is the alternate mix with no panning at the start as released recently on 'Screaming Eagle' but bere in much better quality. The Experience with Dave Mason, Olympic Studios, 20-21 December 1967.

Message To Love (7:43) is taken from the Band Of Gypsys rehearsal sessions in December 1969, (see the November issue for a closer look at those) and appears to be a first time on bootleg for this particular take.

Crash Landing (4:25)
This is the original track with organ, first featured on 'The Masters Masters', However here it's a slightly different mix, most noticeable in the single vocal track found here whereas the 'Masters Masters' version has two in places. Jimi Hendrix guitar, vocal with unknown other musicians, Record Plant, 24 April 1969.

Somewhere (Over The Rainbow) (3:17) as featured on 'The Sothebys Reels' and 'Talent And Feeling Vol.2' this is The Experience, Sound Center Studios, 13 March 1968.

Double Guitars is the mix of Bleeding Heart (3:23) which has just Jimi's lead and rhythm guitars from the late '69/early '70 sessions. Previously issued on 'Eyes And Imagination' and 'Freakout Blues'.

The disc is closed by the complete Astro Man Jam (11:26) from 24 June 1970, as previously featured on 'Multicoloured Blues'.

Jimi Hendrix