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Live Bootleg Compilation


01. Drivin' South
02. Travelin' To California
03. Killing Floor
04. What'd I Say
05. I'll Be Doggone
06. Bright Lights, Big City
07. I'm A Man
08. Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch
09. Get Out of My Life Woman
10. Ain't That Peculiar
11. Last Night
12. (I Cant Get No) Satisfaction
13. Land of 1000 Dances
14. U.F.O.
15. Shotgun
16. Interview (Jailtoasts)
17. Jailtoasts


Source: furthur
Original folder name: jimi1965-12-26.shnf
WHAT'D I SAY (Music For Pleasure) England
Drivin' South/California Night/Killing Floor/What'd I Say/I'll Be Doggone/Bright Lights, Big City
Recorded live at George's Club 20; Hackensack, NJ (USA) on 12/26/65 w/Curtis Knight. Released in 1972. NOTE: One of the first Jimi bootlegs. Vinyl.
BIRTH OF SUCCESS (Music For Pleasure)
I'm A Man/Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch/Get Out Of My Life, Woman/Ain't That Peculiar/Last Night (instrumental)/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction/Land Of A Thousand Dances/U.F.O.
Recorded live at George's Club 20; Hackensack, NJ (USA) on 12/26/65, except for 'U.F.O.' which is a studio track recorded in 1966 w/Curtis Knight. Released in 1972. Vinyl.

Curtis Knight w/Jimi Hendrix
Georges Club 20
Hackensack NJ 12.26.65

Driving South
California Night
Killin Floor
Whatd I say
I'll Be Doggone
Bright Lights Big City
Im a Man
Sugar Pie Honey Bunch
Get Out of My Life Woman
Aint that Pecular
Last Night
(I Cant Get No) Satisfaction
Land of 1000 Dances

Bonus tracks
UFO (Demo)

From long out of Print LP's Whatd I Say and Birth Of Success on MFP label circa 1969

Transfered to the digital realm via Rega Plannar2 Turntable w/Sumika Pearl Cartridge Sony R500 Dat w/ SuperBit Mapping

These tracks blow away any PPX reissues in terms of sound quality. The sound is raw, yet clean.

A great look into Jimis playing just before his break through success

Driving South is out-standing!

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