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went to a dance
saw you there
legs so long
head so fair
time was right
made a play
*you shot me down
turned away

but I don't need
hard to claim
had a girl
in a trance
you looked at mine
felt your emotion
too late now
some kind of commotion

we left then
no one could stop us
don't look down
could be a hang up
her at home
feeling scarred
*where was she
nothing tall

*I'm still not sure about these two lines, but they sort of make sense. "Where was she" might use the words "when" or something, but the entire line is three syllables. "You shot me down" sounds like "you took it there" maybe. Overall I think we get the gist of this story he's telling.


  1. Hendrix For Everyone - M&I
    5.08. Dance
  2. Symphony Of Experience (1966/68)
    16. Dance
  3. The Sotheby Auction Tapes (1967/68)
    16. Dance
    Olympic Sound Studios, 12/21/67, with Jimi (g, hv), Noel Redding (b), and Mitch Mitchell (d, vo); from mono Emidisc acetate; as on NOTES IN COLOURS
  4. Get The Experience (1967/69)
    24. Dance
    unreleased noel redding song, studio outtake
  5. Axis Outtakes (2003)
    13. Dance