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Well I realize that I've been hypnotized,
I love your gypsy eyes
I love your gypsy eyes


Way up in my tree I'm sitting by my fire
Wond'rin' where in this world might you be
And knowin' all the time you're still roamin' in the country side
Do you still think about me?
Oh my gypsy.

Well I walked right on to your rebel roadside
The one that rambles on for a million miles
Yes I walk down this road searchin' for your love and ah my soul too
But when I find ya I ain't gonna let go.

I remember the first time I saw you
The tears in your eyes look like they're tryin' to say
Oh little boy you know I could love you
But first I must make my get away
Two strange men fightin' to the death over me today
I'll try to meet cha by the old highway.

Well I realize that I've been hypnotized, I love your gypsy eyes
I love your gypsy eyes
I love your gypsy eyes
I love your gypsy eyes

I've been searchin' so long my feet have made me lose the battle
Down against the road my weary knees they got me
Off to the side I fall but I hear a sweet call
My gypsy eyes is comin' and I've been saved.

Oh I've been saved
That's why I love you uh
Said I love you
Love you uh
Lord I love you


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