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Little Miss Lover, where have you been in this world for so long?
Well, I love a lover that feels like you, would you like to tag along?

Well, I really don't need any help little girl,
But I think you could help me out anyway
Would you believe, baby, I've been looking for a Sun
That feels like you For some time

Excuse me while I see if the gypsy in me is right
If you don't mind

Well, he signals me O.K.
So I think it's safe to say,
I'm gonna make a play, ohhh yeah!
Hey, hey, little Miss Lover,
There's so much you and me can discover
And I think we should start, start right now
Hey little Miss Lover!


  1. Symphony Of Experience (1966/68)
    05. Little Miss Lover
  2. The Jimi Hendrix Experience (1966/70)
    2.04. Little Miss Lover
  3. Live in London 1967 (1967)
    09. Little Miss Lover
    10/6/67, broadcast on Top Gear 10/15/67
  4. Axis Bold As Love (1967)
    12. Little Miss Lover
  5. Studio ’67 Highlights (1967)
    14. Little Miss Lover
    (Little Miss Lover Acetate)
  6. At The Beeb {Audiophile Boot} (1967)
    11. Little Miss Lover
  7. Guitar Hero (K&S Records) (1967-10-17/26)
    11. Little Miss Lover
    1967-10-06 - Top Gear BBC
  8. King and Wonder Sessions (1967/68)
    03. Little Miss Lover
    Experience (BBC Playhouse Theatre 'Top Gear'; London, England) 10-6-67
  9. The Sotheby Auction Tapes (1967/68)
    17. Little Miss Lover
    Olympic Sound Studios, 10?/67, with Noel Redding (b), Mitch Mitchell (d), and Mitch Mitchell? (ta); from single-sided Emidisc acetate; as on THE SOTHEBY'S REELS
  10. 19. Little Miss Lover
    BBC radio recording, 10/6/67, with Noel Redding (b) and Mitch Mitchell (d); broadcast on Top Gear 10/15/67
  11. BBC Sessions (1967/69)
    1.1.09. Little Miss Lover
  12. BBC Sessions (Sony Japan 2010) (1967/69)
    1.09. Little Miss Lover
  13. Gold Collection (1995)
    2.15. Little Miss Lover
  14. Axis Outtakes (2003)
    05. Little Miss Lover