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Machine Gun
Tearing my body all apart

Machine Gun, yeah
Tearing my body all apart

Evil man make me kill ya
Evil man make you kill me
Evil man make me kill you
Even though we’re only families apart

Well I pick up my axe and fight like a bomber
(You know what I mean)
Hey! And your bullets keep knocking me down

Hey, I pick up my axe and fight like a bomber now
Yeah, but you still blast me down to the ground

The same way you shoot me down, baby
You’ll be going just the same
Three times the pain,
and your own self to blame
Hey, Machine Gun

I ain’t afraid of your mess no more, babe
I ain’t afraid no more
After a while, your, your cheap talk don’t even cause me pain,
so let your bullets fly like rain

’Cause I know all the time you’re wrong baby
And you’ll be going just the same
Yeah, Machine Gun
Tearing my family apart
Yeah, yeah, alright
Tearing my family apart

(Don’t you shoot him down)
(He’s ’bout to leave here)
(Don’t you shoot him down)
(He’s got to stay here)
(He ain’t going nowhere)
(He’s been shot down to the ground)
(Oh where he can’t survive, no, no)

Yeah, that’s what we don’t wanna hear anymore, alright?
(No bullets)
At least here, huh huh
(No guns, no bombs)
Huh huh
(No nothin’, just let’s all live and live)
(You know, instead of killin’)

May this be
Love or just
Confusion Born out of
frustration wracked
feelings - of not
being able to
make true physical
love to the
Universal gypsy Queen
True, free expressed music
Darling guitar please
rest. Amen


  1. Hendrix For Everyone - M&I
    3.15. Machine Gun
  2. Loaded Guitar (1967/69)
    03. Machine Gun
    "Dick Cavett Show", ABC TV Studio, New York City 09.09.69
  3. Soundtrack Recordings from the Film Jimi Hendrix (1967/70)
    A3. Machine Gun
    (Machine Gun I)
  4. C2. Machine Gun
    (Machine Gun II)
  5. The First Rays Of The New Rising Sun (1967/70)
    1.02. Machine Gun
    1|5: [S974] Hit Factory, 8/29/69, with Billy Cox (b), Buddy Miles? (d), Larry Lee (rhythm g), Juma Sultan? (cow-bell), Jerry Velez (pe), and unknown (ta); unaltered version of official track; as on BAND OF GYPSIES VOL. 3.
  6. Mixdown Master Tapes (1967/70)
    1.06. Machine Gun
  7. Moons and Rainbows (1968/70)
    03. Machine Gun
  8. Gypsy on Cloud Nine (Collectors' Disc) (1968/70)
    09. Machine Gun
    (Izabella / Machine Gun) [S719] Hit Factory, 8/29/69, with Billy Cox (b), Buddy Miles? (d), Larry Lee (rhythm g), Juma Sultan? (cow-bell), Jerry Velez (pe), and unknown (ta); unaltered version with 2 vocals; as on MIDNIGHT LIGHTNING (bootleg)
  9. Gypsy Sun & Rainbows - New York City (1969)
    2.205. Machine Gun
    1969-08-29 / Machine Gun: (1) and (2) are distinct takes, with notably sparse vocals. Interestingly McDermott only mentions one take in his book. Both of these takes seem to be basic tracks presented with minimal overdubs
  10. 2.206. Machine Gun
  11. 2.209. Machine Gun
    1969-08-29 / Things get more interesting with Machine Gun composites (3) and (38), which feature two vocal tracks and guitar overdubs. There are parts from both (1) and (2) in these composites, but there are also overdubs which are not present on (1) and (2). It may be that (3) and (38) include various overdubs that were recorded for (1) and (2); it may also be that another take exists, and parts from that were used for the composites
  12. 2.210. Machine Gun
  13. 2.211. Machine Gun
    1969-08-29 / Machine Gun (39) is a shortened mono composite, this time with only one vocal track and (in most places) only a single lead guitar track. On this one also, most of Larry's guitar parts can only be heard very faintly. This version is interesting because it's the basic track for the official overdubbed 1975 version. It's exactly the same edit, but prior to posthumous overdubs. That official version (Machine Gun (4)) is not included here since there's nothing unique on it
  14. 2.212. Machine Gun
    1969-08-29 / Machine Gun (40), also mono, is a short middle section from the same composite, but with some different guitar overdubs
  15. Gypsy Sun & Rainbows New York City (1969)
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  16. 2.06. Machine Gun
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    [Machine Gun(39)] (edited composite, mono, no overdubs)
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    [Izabella (Machine Gun)]
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  39. Soulful Sessions (1969/70)
    2.205. Machine Gun
    [S974] Hit Factory, 8/29/69, with Billy Cox (b), Buddy Miles? (d), Larry Lee (rhythm g), Juma Sultan? (cow-bell), Jerry Velez (pe), and unknown (ta); unaltered version of official track; as on BAND OF GYPSIES VOL. 3
  40. 2.208. Machine Gun
    Hit Factory, 8/29/69, with Billy Cox (b), Buddy Miles? (d), Larry Lee (rhythm g), Juma Sultan? (cow-bell), Jerry Velez (pe), and unknown (ta); unaltered version with 2 vocals and different and more 2nd (g); as on GYPSY ON CLOUD NINE, but complete
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  69. Midnight Lighting (1975)
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  70. Voodoo Child - The Jimi Hendrix Collection (2001)
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    1970/01/01, Fillmore East, NY
  71. Rare (2002)
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  72. Voodoo Child - The Jimi Hendrix Collection (2002)
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