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aka Waterfall


nothing can harm me at all
My worries seem so very small
with my waterfall

I can see
my rainbow calling me
through the misty breeze
of my waterfall

Some people say
day-dreamings for all the, huh,
lazy minded fools
with nothin' else to do
So let them laugh, laugh at me
So just as long as I have you
to see me through
I have nothing to lose
'Long as I have you

don't ever change your ways
Fall with me for a million days
Oh, my waterfall


  1. Maximum Experience
    2.06. May This Be Love
  2. 2.07. May This Be Love
  3. 2.08. May This Be Love
  4. 4.04. May This Be Love
  5. West Coast Seattle Boy (1964/1970)
    2.203. May This Be Love
    This differs from the original with its double tracked vocal and slight extra guitar overdubs (and the awesomely beautiful solo is more up-front in the mix - fantastic).
  6. Are You Experienced And More (1966/67)
    1.07. May This Be Love
  7. Are You Experienced (2010 Remaster) (1966/67)
    05. May This Be Love
  8. Are You Experienced (1967)
    05. May This Be Love
  9. Sotheby's Private Reels (1967-10)
    2.12. May This Be Love
  10. The Sotheby Auction Tapes (1967/68)
    20. May This Be Love
    Olympic Sound Studios, 4/3/67, with Noel Redding (b) and Mitch Mitchell (d, ta?); official version, but different mix from French single