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(I get stoned
I can't go home
I'm calling long distance on a public saxophone
My head is achin'
Lord, my mind is breakin'
Feel I got run over by Captain Coconut and his dog name Rover
Gotta keep movin'
Gotta keep movin'
To understand both sides of the sky
You gotta kepp on groovin', yeah
Good groovin'
'Cause you got your God and so do I
We gotta keep on lovin'
Good, good, good lovin'
Make love on my dyin' bed
We gotta stop smokin', stop, stop,
I mean cigarette smokin'
Or else I cough myself to death
And to make love to you, baby,
I wouldn't even have the breath
We gotta keep movin'
Keep on groovin'
Understand both sides of the sky
Keep on movin'
Keep on movin'
You got your God and so do I)


  1. Ultra Rare Trax
    01. Midnight Lighting
    JH: g/v; Olympic Studios 1969-02-14
  2. Astro Man Box Set (1966/69)
    2.04. Midnight Lighting
    Midnight lightning jam
  3. 3.13. Midnight Lighting
  4. The First Rays Of The New Rising Sun (1967/70)
    2.09. Midnight Lighting
    2|12: [S718] Record Plant, likely 3/23/70, with Billy Cox? (b), Mitch Mitchell (d), Juma Sultan? (congas); unaltered version of official track; as on MIDNIGHT LIGHTNING (bootleg).
  5. Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues (1967/70)
    10. Midnight Lighting
    Record Plant, 3/23/70
  6. Jimi Hendrix & Jack Bruce (1968)
    10. Midnight Lighting
  7. This One's For You (1968/70)
    11. Midnight Lighting
  8. First Rays of The Rising Sun (1968/70)
    04. Midnight Lighting
    {Solo guitar & vocals}
  9. Talent and Feeling Vol.1 (1968/70)
    05. Midnight Lighting
    (L.A. Without The Words)
  10. Moons and Rainbows (1968/70)
    02. Midnight Lighting
  11. Marshall Man, Ax Slinger (1968/70)
    2.29. Midnight Lighting
  12. Strate Ahead (1968/70)
    2.08. Midnight Lighting
  13. Electric Birthday Jimi (1969)
    7. Midnight Lighting
  14. Bolero Man in the Valleys of Neptune (1969/70)
    1.05. Midnight Lighting
  15. Midnight Lightning Revisited (1969/70)
    02. Midnight Lighting
  16. 09. Midnight Lighting
    (Midnight Lightning-)
  17. The First Great Rock Festivals Of The Seventies - Isle Of Wight - Atlanta Pop Festival (1970)
    3.3. Midnight Lighting
  18. Protest Songs From Berkeley (Soundcheck) (1970-05-30)
    08. Midnight Lighting
  19. A Sea Of Forgotten Teardrops (1970-06-25/1970-07-23)
    08. Midnight Lighting
    (See Drifting (3)) 0:26 23.07.70
  20. Midnight Lighting (1975)
    2. Midnight Lighting
  21. Message From Nine To The Universe (1993)
    6. Midnight Lighting
    (Midnight Lightning Jam)
  22. Freak Out Blues (1994)
    01. Midnight Lighting
  23. South Saturn Delta (1997)
    14. Midnight Lighting