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  1. West Coast Seattle Boy (1964/1970)
    2.218. New Rising Sun
    This much circulated instrumental features Jimi playing all instruments as he evokes the feel of his later composition "Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)". It was also on the Alan Douglas compilation "Voodoo Soup" in an edited form. It is charming but ambles on a little too long. It was only a personnal demo it must be remembered.
  2. All Along The Watchtower and Come On Sessions (1968)
    01. New Rising Sun
  3. Capricorn Tape (1968/70)
    6. New Rising Sun
    Studio B, TTG Studios, 1441 N.McCadden Street, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA Wednesday 23 October 1968 Jimi - guitar, Jimi - drums Engineer - Angel Balestier, Second engineer - Mark Kauffman According to the "Voodoo Soup" liner notes by Michael Fairchild "the tape itself is a nine minute reel" recorded entirely by Jimi with him filling four of the tracks with drum overdubs. Thus this version probably is the unedited complete take.
  4. Crash Landing - Unreleased Version (1968/70)
    05. New Rising Sun
    [New Rising Sun (uncensored version)] TTG Studios, 10/68; complete version