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Lord, i had a woman
lord knows she was good to me in every way
yes, i had a woman
a real woman
lord, she gave me loven both night and day
my sun shine
whoo hoo
for my woman
or else or else
its going to take me one more day
if it takes me
she went way down in dallas
way down in texas land
lord she had me wrapped around her wrist and around her finger baby
like a ring wrapped around a finger of a severed hand
i'm lookin' for my dallas honey bee
who can you be
who can you be
oooh hoo hoo help me
help me look for her
oh yeah


  1. Ultra Rare Trax
    09. Once I Had A Woman
    BOG+harmonica?; Record Plant 1970-01-23
  2. Electric Hendrix 2 (1968-70)
    07. Once I Had A Woman
    (alternate mix)
  3. Raw Blues (1968/70)
    1.03. Once I Had A Woman
  4. Sessions Volume 1 (1968/70)
    5. Once I Had A Woman
    [S775] Record Plant, 1/23/70, with Billy Cox (b), Buddy Miles (d), Don (harmonica); part of unaltered version of official track; as on GYPSY ON CLOUD NINE
  5. Eyes And Imagination (1969/70)
    13. Once I Had A Woman
    Once I Had A Woman (incomplete) (Band Of Gypsys, Don (Record Plant; New York City, NY) 1-23-70)
  6. Midnight Lightning Revisited (1969/70)
    07. Once I Had A Woman
  7. 11. Once I Had A Woman
    (Once I Had A Woman-)
  8. Old Time (1970-01-23)
    1.04. Once I Had A Woman
  9. 1.05. Once I Had A Woman
  10. A Sea Of Forgotten Teardrops (1970-06-25/1970-07-23)
    17. Once I Had A Woman
    (un-edited 1 ?) 8:15 RP/BOG 23.01.70 :blues OUTS
  11. Midnight Lighting (1975)
    7. Once I Had A Woman
  12. Blues (1994)
    07. Once I Had A Woman
    Band Of Gypsys. Record Plant, Jan. 23, 1970
  13. Freak Out Blues (1994)
    09. Once I Had A Woman