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She walks with a bell-clock round her neck,
So the hippies think she's in with time
Her hair glistens like robins on a deck
Branches attack me from her neck

She's so fine
She's so very, very fine

Another verse I can't find lyrics to

When I veer I get so near
But so far far far away
Listen to me today.

We united just beside a leaf
The ground was hard underneath, her, her
She's so fine.


  1. Symphony Of Experience (1966/68)
    04. She's So Fine
  2. Axis Bold As Love (1967)
    10. She's So Fine
  3. Sotheby's Private Reels (1967-10)
    1.11. She's So Fine
  4. Sotheby's Auction Tapes (1967/68)
    03. She's So Fine
  5. The Sotheby Auction Tapes (1967/68)
    11. She's So Fine
    Olympic Sound Studios, 5/4/67, with Noel Redding (b, vo), Jimi (g), and Mitch Mitchell (d); official version, but with original (lv) without (hv), and with some different (g); as on THE SOTHEBY'S REELS
  6. Get The Experience (1967/69)
    14. She's So Fine
    original take, but a rough mix with a different noel redding lead vocal
  7. Noel Redding - The Experience Sessions (1967/69)
    04. She's So Fine
    B+ RG: NR, L&RG: JH, D: MM
  8. 10. She's So Fine
    B+RG+LV: NR, L&RG: JH, D: MM
  9. Gold Collection (1995)
    1.20. She's So Fine
  10. Axis Outtakes (2003)
    04. She's So Fine
  11. White Collection (2008)
    2.09. She's So Fine
    Lonnie Youngblood And Jimi Hendrix