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aka I'm A Man


I sure got the blues this morning, baby
Yeah! And I’m here to tell you about it
So you might as well pick up on it!
I’m a man
At least I’m tryin’ to be
I’ve lived before
The other half of me
I’ve lived before
That you don’t want me
But in this search
For nothing desperately
Oh, I’m tryin’ tryin’
Not to be a fool
I’m tryin’ tryin’
Lord to keep my cool, baby tryin’ so hard to keep it together

After I find, baby
That true love of mine
I’m just rollin’ screamin’
Cryin’ flyin’
Can’t be trusted, but busted
Rolling Stone

You’re a woman
At least you say you are
You’re a woman
At least you look like you are
You’re a woman
At least you taste like you are
But you can take it off
In bed with my guitar
And then you leave them
Throw me outside
To cry, cry
To the moon and the nighttime
Save my soul,
You can’t find
All you want is a ticket to ride
After you show me everything
It did prove otherwise
You just rollin’, screamin’, cryin’ good love is sometime, but can’t be trusted
Steppin’ Stone
Steppin’ Stone
Steppin’ Stone


  1. Astro Man Box Set (1966/69)
    2.07. Stepping Stone
  2. Cornerstones 1967-1970 (1966/70)
    10. Stepping Stone
    Recorded in New York on 16-tracks at the Record Plant on 15th September and 23rd September 1969 with Mitch Mitchell on drums and Billy Cox on bass
  3. The Singles Collection (BoxSet) (1966/70)
    8.01. Stepping Stone
    [Original Single Mix]
  4. Bob Terry Studio Tape #20 (1967/69)
    03. Stepping Stone
  5. The First Rays Of The New Rising Sun (1967/70)
    1.03. Stepping Stone
    (I'm a Man / Stepping Stone) 1|6: [S971] Hit Factory, 8?/69, with Billy Cox (b), unknown (d), Larry Lee (rhythm g), Juma Sultan (pe), and unknown (voice); as on ELECTRIC HENDRIX 2.
  6. 1.05. Stepping Stone
    (I'm a Man / Stepping Stone) 1|8: [S975] Hit Factory, Autumn 1969, with Billy Cox (b), unknown (d), and Juma Sultan (pe); as on TALENT & FEELING VOL 2.
  7. Jazz Stuff (1968/70)
    4. Stepping Stone
    Stepping Stone - I'm A Man Jam (16.00)
  8. Rainbow Bridge (Red Robin ROB-1021) (1968/70)
    10. Stepping Stone
  9. Cherokee Mist (1968/70)
    11. Stepping Stone
    (Demo Version)
  10. Strate Ahead (1968/70)
    1.08. Stepping Stone
  11. Both Sides Of The Sky (1968/70)
    04. Stepping Stone
  12. Gypsy Sun & Rainbows - New York City (1969)
    3.309. Stepping Stone
    1969-09-15 / Stepping Stone (1) is the only recording not from the Hit Factory, and is from the last session of the original GSR line-up. Several more sessions featured Juma, but it appears that Larry and Jerry left following this session at the Record Plant
  13. Gypsy Sun & Rainbows New York City (1969)
    3.09. Stepping Stone
  14. Gypsy Sun & Rainbows - New York City (1969-08-28/1969-09-15)
    3.09. Stepping Stone
    [Stepping Stone(1)]
  15. Box of Gypsys Vol.1 - Revised (1969-12-31)
    2.204. Stepping Stone
  16. Box Of Gypsys (1969-12-31/1970-01-01/1970-01-28)
    2.04. Stepping Stone
  17. 4.05. Stepping Stone
  18. Live At The Fillmore East (1969-12-31/1970-1-1)
    2.05. Stepping Stone
  19. Soulful Sessions (1969/70)
    1.119. Stepping Stone
    [S971] Hit Factory, 8?/69, with Billy Cox (b), unknown (d), Larry Lee (rhythm g), Juma Sultan (pe), and unknown (voice)
  20. Burning Desire (1969/70)
    07. Stepping Stone
    (Stepping Stone/ Villanova Junction Blues)(Instrumental Jam) Record Plant, 11/7/69, with Buddy Miles (d)
  21. 2 Nights at the Fillmore East (1969/70)
    204. Stepping Stone
  22. 405. Stepping Stone
  23. Live At The Fillmore East - Early Show (1970-01-01)
    05. Stepping Stone
  24. Box of Gypsys Vol.2 - Revised (1970-01-01 / 1970-01-28)
    1.405. Stepping Stone
  25. War Heroes (1972)
    5. Stepping Stone
  26. Kiss The Sky (1984)
    04. Stepping Stone
  27. Multicolored Blues Volume 1 (The Unreleased Sessions) (1993)
    04. Stepping Stone
  28. Voodoo Soup (1995)
    03. Stepping Stone
  29. Let's Drop Some Ludes And Vomit With Jimi (1995)
    5. Stepping Stone
    I'm a Man (Instrumental) [Jungle]
  30. 6. Stepping Stone
    I'm a Man (With Vocals) [Stepping Stone]
  31. First Rays Of The New Rising Sun (1997)
    10. Stepping Stone
    (Band Of Gypsys/Cry Of Love Band, The Ghetto Fighters (Record Plant, New York City, NY) 1-7/17/20-70; (Electric Lady, New York City, NY) 6-26-70)
  32. Voodoo Child - The Jimi Hendrix Collection (2001)
    1.15. Stepping Stone
    (Original Band of Gypsys Single Version)
  33. 1.15. Stepping Stone
    (Band Of Gypsys single version)