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First Rays of The Rising Sun
Ref.: blank labels (USA) RSJ-02
Date: 1987
(1) Bootleg
[76] mp3


01. Angel
02. Cherokee Mist
03. Untitled Guitar Improvisation
{Solo guitar}
{Solo guitar}
04. Midnight Lighting
{Solo guitar & vocals}
{Solo guitar & vocals}
05. Further Up The Road
06. (jam)
[Instrumental Improvisation]
{Guitar & bass}
[Instrumental Improvisation] {Guitar & bass}
07. Earth Blues
08. Look Over Yonder
09. Little Miss Strange lyrics
10. Somewhere
[Somewhere over the Rainbow]
[Somewhere over the Rainbow]
11. 1983 ... (A Merman I should turn to be)
12. Peace in Missisippi


09. Little Miss Strange tracks



June 13, 2010 – 4:07 am

Before the CD, many Hendrix rarities surfaced and sometimes quality surpassed later CD editions.

First Rays of The Rising Sun [no label, 1CD]
Outtakes 1968-70 plus Drake Hotel Demo, New York City, NY Apr.1968 / Fillmore East, New York City, NY 01.01.70; 2nd Show. Released on bootleg LP, 1987.

“First Rays of The Rising Sun” or “First Rays of The New Rising Sun” was the title of the album that Jimi Hendrix was working on at the time of his death. There have been many bootleg LPs or CDs of that name, and this particular bootleg is a 1987 British vinyl LP from a nameless label, though it was probably pressed in Germany. This album has no relation to the proposed Hendrix LP, though at least it is well-pressed. “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” is the original undoctored 1968 mix with the original drumming (both officially released mixes have re-recorded drumming). “Peace in Mississippi” is an alternate mix of Alan Douglas’ “Crash Landing” doctored version. - Philip Cohen

Before Hendrix died in 1970, he was in the final stages of preparing what he intended to be a double studio LP, tentatively titled First Rays of the New Rising Sun. Most of the tracks intended for this LP were spread out over three posthumous single LP releases: The Cry of Love (1971), Rainbow Bridge (1971), and War Heroes (1972).
- wikipedia

We never had an opportunity to listen to this rare vinyl bootleg, till we received a copy from Phil Cohen. Early Hendrix vinyl bootlegs are quite precious. Not only are they hard to find but they trump the official Alan Douglas posthumous releases as they were “as nature intended”, undoctored recordings of what Hendrix and the musicians played in the studio. Better still, this one sounds like it was taken from the master tape. The sound quality is very, very good. Clear and in stereo.

One superb gem is the final track here, Peace In Mississippi. This is the original, undoctored version. This was the sound that made thousands of young men and women want to play the electric guitar.

As this is NOT what Hendrix intended for his First Rays album, and no one really knows what he had in mind. This boot should be taken for what it is - a collection of unreleased studio recordings. All of the Alan Douglas posthumous releases that contained material intended for First Rays are out-of-print. Thanks Phil.

For the best site to archive Hendrix recordings official and otherwise, visit

This site listed this bootleg as
First Rays of the Rising Sun ([No label] RSJ 02 / 1987 / 1LP) ftbfs: B092
(Outtakes 1968-70 plus Drake Hotel Demo, New York City, NY apr.1968 / Fillmore East, New York City, NY 01.01.70; 2nd Show)

We cannot identify which track might be from Fillmore East, if any.

Note: A longtime music fan, Philip Cohen was a contributor to the now-defunct ICE Magazine and compiled the boxsets for The Yardbirds, The Small Faces, Humble Pie and Nice.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 192 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. Please try again later. Kindly email us at if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. Angel (Record Plant 1968) (4.7MB)
Track 02. Cherokee Mist (Record Plant 1969) (9.5MB)
Track 03. Electric Ladyland (improvisation; Record Plant 1969)* (7.4MB)
Track 04. Midnight Lightning (Record Plant 1969)* (5.3MB)
Track 05. Farther On Up The Road (Record Plant 1969, NEVER RELEASED BEFORE) (2.2MB)
Track 06. Instrumental, Improvisation (Record Plant 1969, NEVER RELEASED BEFORE) (3.0MB)
Track 07. Earth Blues (BBC outtake 1968) (5.8MB)
Track 08. Look Over Yonder (TTG Studio 1968) (3.5MB)
Track 09. Instrumental Jam (TTG Studio 1968, NEVER RELEASED BEFORE) (5.0MB)
Track 10. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (TTG Studio 1968)^ [ends abruptly] (5.3MB)
Track 11. 1983… A Merman I Should Turn To Be (TTG Studio 1968) (6.7MB)
Track 12. Peace In Mississippi (Record Plant 1969)+ (5.8MB)
[TT: 46:18m]

Jimi Hendrix - guitar, vocals
Mitch Mitchel - drums
Noel Redding - bass
Recorded at the TTG Studios 1968

Jimi Hendrix - guitar, vocals
Buddy Miles - drums
Dave Holland - bass*
Billy Cox - bass
Recorded at the Record Plant 1969

^ This has all of the original 1968 instruments and differs from the mixes heard on Crash Landing and The Jimi Hendrix Experience 4CD boxset.

+ This is an alternate mix of the Crash Landing doctored version.

Both the above tracks appeared in different versions on the vinyl release Crash Landing in March 1975. Producer Alan Douglas used studio musicians to rerecord music for this release. To our knowledge, this LP has never been reissued on CD.
Track 03 > Solo guitar
Track 04 > Solo guitar & vocals
First Rays of the Rising Sun ([No label] RSJ 02 / 1987 / 1LP) ftbfs: B092
(Outtakes 1968-70 plus Drake Hotel Demo, New York City, NY apr.1968 / Fillmore East, New York City, NY 01.01.70; 2nd Show)
- Vinyl-to-CD transfer available.
- OVT 014: First Rays of The Rising Sun ([No label] RSJ 02 / ftbfs: B092): Outtakes 1968-70 plus Drake Hotel Demo, New York City, NY apr.1968 / Fillmore East, New York City, NY 01.01.70; 2nd Show; 46:18

Recorded: 5/67 - 6/70 B92,B117 611,612 Released: 1987

1. Angel (5) 3:24 2. Earth Blues (15) 4:10
Cherokee Mist (1) 6:58 Look over Yonder (1) 2:33
Untitled Guitar Improvisation (JS 21 (2)) 5:20 Little Miss Strange (1) [instrumental] 3:18
Midnight Lightning (1) 3:52 Somewhere over the Rainbow (1) 3:48
Farther up the Road (1) 1:35 1983 (1) 4:27
Instrumental Improvisation 2:08 Peace in Mississippi (5) 4:12

Released by: blank labels (USA) RSJ-02

Also Released as: half of LADYLAND IN FLAMES (Marshall Records (USA) / [High Land Records J-1] (1988))

Note: "Instrumental Improvisation" is incomplete on LADYLAND IN FLAMES, running 1:49

Studio recordings:

1|1: [P255] Jimi's apartment, early 1968
1|2: [S710] Record Plant, 5/2/68, with Jimi? (sitar) and Mitch Mitchell (d)
1|3: [S764] Record Plant, 11/14/69, with Buddy Miles (d); (d) wiped around 1974
1|4: [S765] Record Plant, 4/69 - 5/69; as on MIDNIGHT MAGIC
1|5: [S720] Electric Lady, 6/24/70, with Billy Cox (b) and Mitch Mitchell (d)
1|6: [S766] Electric Lady, 1970, with Billy Cox (b)
2|1: [L767] live, Fillmore East, 1/1/70, 2nd show, with Billy Cox (b) and Buddy Miles (d)
2|2: [S236] Olympic Sound Studios, 5/4/67, with Noel Redding (b), Mitch Mitchell (d), Noel Redding or Mitch Mitchell (hv), and unknown (ta)
2|3: [S686] Sound Center, 3/13/68, with Noel Redding (g), Stephen Stills (b), and Buddy Miles (d)
2|4: [S768] Sound Center, 3/13/68, with Stephen Stills (b), Buddy Miles (d), and Jimi? (rhythm g); unaltered version
2|5: [S685] Sound Center, 3/13?/68, with Noel Redding or Stephen Stills (b), Buddy Miles (d), and unknown (rhythm g)
2|6: [S769] TTG Studios, 10/24/68, with Jimi (rhythm g), Noel Redding (b), and Mitch Mitchell (d)
wiped: Jimi (some rhythm g), Noel Redding (b), and Mitch Mitchell (d); added: Jeff Mironov (rhythm g), Bob Babbit (b), Alan Schwartzberg (d), and Jimmy Maeulin (pe)
this version as on CRASH LANDING, but contains most of Jimi's rhythm (g); different mix
Jimi Hendrix