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Loose Ends
Ref.: Polydor - 849 460-2 / RCD015-2
Musicians: Jimi Hendrix (guitar, vocals) / Billy Cox (bass) / Mitch Mitchell (drums) / Noel Redding (bass) / Buddy Miles (drums) / Steve Winwood (piano)


1. Come Down Hard On Me
2. Blue Suede Shoes
3. Jam 292
4. The Stars That Play With Laughing Sams Dice lyrics
5. Drifter's Escape lyrics
6. Burning Desire
7. Hoochie Coochie Man
(Born a hootchie kootchie man)
(Born a hootchie kootchie man)
8. Electric Ladyland


4. The Stars That Play With Laughing Sams Dice tracks

the stars up above that play with laughing sam's dice
they make us feel the world was made for us
the zodiac glass that bleams come through the skies
it will happen soon, for you
and a way we go
thank you very much
thank you very much
and now we would like to bring to you our wide lonely freindly neighborhood
experience me
right now listen
the milky way express is loaded, all aboard
i promise each and every one fo you you won't be bored
what i'm really concerned about
is my grand-new pair of butterfly roller skates
thank you, thank you
no throwing cigarette butts out the window
no throwing cigarette butts out the window
now if you look to your right you'll se saturn
if you look to the left you'll see mars
i hope your brought your parachutes with you
hey look out!
look out for that door
don't open that door
don't open that door
oh well
that's the way it goes
hey, everything is all right now

5. Drifter's Escape tracks

oh, help me in my weakness
i heard the drifter say
as they carried him from the court room
and were taking him away
well, my trip hasn't been a pleasant one
and my time it isn't long
and i still do not know
what is was that i've done wrong
well the judge he cast his robe aside
a tear came to his eye
well you fail to understand, he said
why must you even try
outside the crowd was stirring
you could hear it from the door
inside the judge was stepping down
while the jury cried for more, more, more
cried for more, cried for more
hey you better leave that boy's soul alone
oh stop that passing the jury
grab me a tendon and me a nurse
oh, the trial was bad enough
yes, but this is ten times worse
just then bolt of lightning
showed the court house out of shape
and while everybody knelt to pray
the drifter made his escape
the drifter did his escape
so long


8-track Spain Polydor / Planeta-Agostini issue. Apparently distributed with "Rock" magazine in Spain.
837 574-2 Germany (8-track, disc mfg. in W. Germany by PDO)
849 460-2/RCD015-2 Spain (8-track, "Rock" magazine issue)
producido por Alan Douglas


W&A Reviews
Loose Ends (1972)
Scraping the bottom of the barrel, with trivial jams ("Jam 292," "Peter Gunn Theme") and an endless live-in-the-studio take on "Burning Desire." (DBW)
Blech. (JA)
Jimi Hendrix