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1. Lord I Sing The Blues For Me And You
2. Hollywood Jam
[Dancing Blues]
[Dancing Blues]
3. Cherokee Mist
4. Country Blues
5. Cherokee Mist
[Cherokee mist-In From The Storm-Valleys Of Neptune]
[Cherokee mist-In From The Storm-Valleys Of Neptune]
6. Ezy Rider lyrics
7. Valleys of Neptune lyrics
8. Young-Hendrix Jam
[Hendrix - Young Jam]
[Hendrix - Young Jam]


6. Ezy Rider tracks


7. Valleys of Neptune tracks



Original folder name: JimiHendrix-KPFA Tapes
Jimi Hendrix - The KPFA tapes.txt

Jimi Hendrix - The KPFA tapes.
San Francisco, Ca.

Source: My Hendrix collection

Track list:
1. Lord I Sing The Blues For You And Me (10.38)
2. Dancing Blues (9.21)
3. Cherokee Mist (6.08)
4. Country Blues (with harp) (10.43)
5. Cherokee mist-In From The Storm-Valleys Of Neptune (6.30)
6. Ezy Ryder (instrumental) (3.54)
7. Valleys Of Neptune (instrumental) (3.54)
8. Hendrix - Young Jam (14.18)

This is a sort of companion to the Blues Project tracks. These tracks were given by Alan Douglas on DAT to a certain radio station for a special on Jimi. Tracks 1-7 are from that DAT master. The Hendrix-Young Jam (probably 2nd gen) is not from the KPFA tapes but it's been added here to make up the playing time, compare the quality of this version with the one that's been seeded on the jazz forum from the bootleg release.

NB: These _have not_ been taken from any bootleg release!

Anyway I hope you enjoy this material. I'll see what else I can find up here that's worth sharing.


KPFA is actually in Berkeley, CA.
Jimi Hendrix